suggest a good name for our blog

hey guys i am happy to tell that we are launching technology blog in this july so plz suggest a good domain  name for it.we have selected some names kindly vote.if u want to suggest us a new name which is not in the list click others and add ur name the blog is about … Continue reading

what i am doing these days

I think its been long time i have written any post. actually now i am in my fourth year of my engineering, so I was busy with my project work on optimal power flow. apart form that I was learning about blogospher these days. i am reading these blogs labnol techcrunch and lifehacker etc and … Continue reading

student attendance calculator

Actually in my college i.e aurora technological research Institute attendance is taken very seriously as per JNTU norms they follow a rule that every student should have minimum of 75% attendance so every years we find a good number of students getting detained because of attendance problem, so one of our collegemate Syed Junaid have … Continue reading

form Tools Review form tools one of the very use full utility for web developers. It is php script to handle all website form related things like feedback form contact form etc . This script works with any kind of form it collects data from the form and stores on the database mysql. and absolutely on knowledge … Continue reading

I am a victim of wilfing

    wilfing is new internet phenomena the symptom are like this, if u suddenly lose your train of thought while searching the net and jump from one website to other that catches your attention then chances are that you are what experts have termed ‘wilfer’. wilf – a rough acronym of What Was I Looking … Continue reading

PSAT – electrical gizmo

    psat — The Power System Analysis Toolbox (PSAT) is a Matlab toolbox for electric power system analysis and simulation it is developed by Dr. Fedrico Milano. its an open source project developed in matlab the main features of psat are : Power Flow; Continuation Power Flow; Optimal Power Flow; Small Signal Stability Analysis; Time … Continue reading

Indian electrical Distribution systems

Indian DS     recently i have spent some time studying about Indian distribution systems (A paper by m v krishna rao and radha krishna) I came to cognizant of how poor is India in power sector especially the quality of power supply to rural India. India is facing power losses as high as 25% the … Continue reading